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do 31.08.2015

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Welcome to StandPlast VET

Project has been financially supported by Lifelong Learning Programme of EU)

After more than one year of preparation since December 2012 the Slovak Plastic Cluster has started to execute a project in field of plastics industry named Transfer of Qualifications and Learning Standards in Plastic Sector (Project No. 133100362), acronym StandPlast VET.

The project StandPlast VET has been granted a financial contribution from the EU Lifelong learning programme  Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation. The main goal is to increase attractiveness of vocational education, training and mobility in plastics processing industry for employers,training participants (employees) and individuals.

The project partnership consists of 7 partners from 3 countries: Austria, Great Britain and Slovakia. The lead partner is Slovak Plastic Cluster, foreign partners - City of Wolverhampton College from Great Britain, Montanuniversität Leoben from Austria and from Slovakia:  State Institute of Vocational Education, Slovak Univesity of Technology in Bratislava, small sized private companies A-OMEGA, s.r.o. a ICOSA, s.r.o.

The main task for the partners is to create a qualifications and educational standardsin plastics industry based on the know-how and experience from foreign partners. This way the project  will contribute to implementation of European Qualifications Framework – EQF in Slovakia. Apart of that there will also be created an education programme for trainers, lecturers and teachers  for plastics industry and multilingual dictionary of plastics terminology.

During the project duration till May 2015 there will also be involved several external evaluators from 3 countries to monitor and assess the system of quality management as well as the quality of created final education products.